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IM BACCCKKKK!!!!!! So my blog was put on hold for a variety of different things…

First, I was interning at WALT DISNEY WORLD! Which sounds like the coolest thing ever, well because it is.  Except about halfway through I had absolutely 0 time to do anything other than eat, sleep and work.  It was a great time but one of the most stressful of my life. Continue reading BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH A BOOK REVIEW



Hello beautiful people!!!!! So I’m going through a mental breakdown…. I AM HALFWAY DONE WITH COLLEGE??!!!? WHAT. HOW. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN. I am actually wondering because I don’t know how this is possible.  Time flies!  We’ve all been told this probably hundreds of times but its not until you see how far you’ve come that you realize it. Looking back, there’s plenty of things … Continue reading ADVICE TO MY FRESHMAN SELF, 2 YEARS LATER


Hiyaaaa everyone!  Today I want to share my easiest, go-to smoothie recipes with you all!!!!  Whether it’s a post workout snack, settling a craving or just using up some fruits and veggies that are about to go bad, I LOVE SMOOTHIES.  I generally will drink at least one a day because they’re full of nutrients, filling (I’ll teach you how) and so quick to make. … Continue reading EASY PEAZY SMOOTHIES

Trendy Under Twenty

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Happy Hump Day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful 3rd week of the new year! Keep up with the water drinking, exercising and all the other resolutions made One resolution my sister and I made for 2015 was to not buy things just because they are inexpensive or on sale. We were the worst at buying clothes/accessories/shoes, basically anything that was cheap but we didn’t really love or need. So for the past year I have worked so hard on not doing that, although the temptation is real.

Even though I didn’t buy things just because of the price tag, I still will always be on the hunt for a good deal. I have such a hard time spending a lot on trendy items because who knows how long a trend will be in style??? So I’m always looking for in style items that won’t be heartbreaking to get rid of when they’re out. I rarely buy things full price, and honestly probably the majority of items in my wardrobe have all been purchased under $40. And nobody understands how I do it!!! Recently with the holiday sales and after holiday sales I have been hitting the jackpot with finding inexpensive items that I actually need. You may have to search and scavenge but the deals I find are definitely worth the effort. Here’s my latest finds all under $20!!!! Continue reading “Trendy Under Twenty”


Remember elementary school lunches when the boy across the table would pull out a Cosmic Brownie and everyone would just gawk?  People would offer anything they had to trade for that brownie.  I remember them being so sweet and fudgy it was always the biggest treat when I had one. WELL, I did a thing…. I made brownies that taste just like Little Debbie Cosmic … Continue reading HEALTHY COSMIC BROWNIES

The Truth ‘Bout the Juice: My guide to juice cleansing

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I’ve recently been asked a few times about my experience on a juice cleanse so I figured why not share on the blog! It’s the perfect time of year to consider a cleanse with all the (over)indulging which usually happens around the holidays. But first, let me get this straight… A JUICE CLEANSE SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR WEIGHT LOSS. Never. Ever. … Continue reading The Truth ‘Bout the Juice: My guide to juice cleansing

Affordable Holiday Gift Guide!

Hellllooo and happy holidays!! This time of year is always so exhausting with finals, cold weather, and the many many hours of darkness (at least in Ohio). But the shining light that keeps me going is the distant glance of Christmas (very very distant, it seems as I’m mid finals week over here). 😦  But, I absolutely love Christmas and everything about it.  I shop, … Continue reading Affordable Holiday Gift Guide!

Girlfriend Collective: Product Review

Hellllllo loves happy sunday evening!!!!  I’m gonna give it a go at my first product review:) So… I got some leggings… from Heaven.  Here’s the run down. About 2 months ago I was sitting in my dorm room scrolling on Facebook and one of those sponsored ads came up.  The ad said something along the lines of “high quality leggings for the price of shipping”. … Continue reading Girlfriend Collective: Product Review

What’s the Deal with Vegans Anyway?

Happy #WorldVeganDay!!!  What a wonderful world we live in where plant based diets are so wide spread, accepted and CELEBRATED!  Veganism and plant based diets have been something I’ve been wanting to discuss for awhile, so what a great day to finally get my thoughts out there.  Full disclaimer: I am not Vegan and I’m not sure I will ever label my diet and/or restrict … Continue reading What’s the Deal with Vegans Anyway?